Hello World!


Welcome to my blog.  I am Polish and here will be my thoughts and comments on a variety of different topics, issues, and feelings.  I will do my best to make it interesting for those who visit my blog to want to read what it is I have to say.  I’m interested in feedback through the comments of those who visit my blog.  Who knows?  Maybe, you’ll even be able to change my mind based on your comment.  I pride myself on being as open-minded as possible.  How I’m open-minded is that no topic is off limits.  I will do my best to research a topic or issue as thoroughly as possible if I don’t already feel that I know enough about it already, and then leave my pondering on it.  Afterall, it’s always a good thng to know what one is talking about before he or she talks about it, right?  At the same time, the open-mind I try to have will also listen to what you have to say and, like I just said, if you can convince me through what you say then there is that possibilty that I will go over to your way of thinking on it.  So, one part of this blog will be in the format of an open forum.  My ponderings will come in many forms:  stories, poems, articles, essays, lyrics haikus, polls, and any other form that I feel will best express myself.  With all that now being said, again I say welcome and enjoy.

Sincerely yours,



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