“Happy New Year and Updated Introduction”

Happy new year everyone!  I hope this new year is an extremely healthy, prosperous, and joyous one for everyone!  I’m sorry I’ve been away.  But, have no fear!  I am indeed back and plan on staying this way!  I may miss the occasional day for one reason or another but I do promise to me as consistant as I possibly can be.  For those days that I am away I promise to do my ABSOLUTE best to make what I put into this blog that much more worthwhile.  At least, I hope you think it is.  I’m open for constructive criticism and advice on what you the reading public think would make this a better blog.  I don’t need any moronic idiots just saying stupid stuff.  There’s enough people in the world who do idiotic things and I don’t need them here at this blog.  Morons of the world you’ve been forewarned.  Having said that please take care and I will see you again soon!


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